Rebels in northern Syria cry out for help… against the Kurds

A very strange report. I have never read anything like it before.

A rebel commander to the north for Aleppo says that the rebels there are doomed. He says that they are under siege, that they are being slaughtered by the Kurds and IS, and that they are in desperate need for foreign assistance.

It is unusual for those rebels to speak like that. They do not usually say that they are losing.

It is interesting that the person who speaks in the report portrays the Kurds as the biggest danger. He calls the Kurds terrorists, but he does not call the IS the same. He explicitly says that the Kurds are worse than the IS:

وناشد أبو الليث من خلال ” كلنا شركاء” كافة المنظمات الحقوقية والدول التدخل لأن ما فعله حزب الـ ” PYD ” جريمة انسانية عظمى حتى ” داعش ” لم يفعل ما فعلوه

From this statement it appears that he is asking for foreign intervention against the Kurds, not against the IS or Assad.

It is obvious that this man is calling for help from Turkey.

Turkey has been supporting those rebels against the IS and the Kurds, but as this man says, those efforts were not very successful. This is ostensibly the reason for why Turkey sent its own troops into Syria two days ago.

A group of Turkish special forces entered Syria two days ago and attacked IS targets. They withdrew from Syria in less than 24 hours. It was said in the media that this intervention happened with American and Russian approval.

It seems that the rebels are looking forward to more Turkish interventions of that sort. What is dangerous is that they are asking Turkey to attack the Kurds.

I do not know if those rebels are speaking their own minds or if they are saying what Turkey is telling them to say.

Erdoğan completely rejects the truce in Syria. He almost does not hide that. The Turkish foreign ministry has been attacking the truce in Syria and calling it names. It is probable that Turkey encouraged the rebels to continue their attacks in the Aleppo area in order to foil the truce.

It seems that Davutoğlu had a more moderate position on the Kurds than Erdoğan. (Erdoğan accused Davutoğlu of giving unacceptable concessions to the Kurds). In fact, the hostile Turkish policy against the Kurds is largely due to a personal issue that concerns Erdoğan. Erdoğan wanted to change the Turkish constitution so that he can stay in power forever, but in the last elections the Kurdish HDP party won against Erdoğan in the Kurdish part of the country, which made Erdoğan’s goal impossible to achieve. Next Erdoğan became mad and started bombing the Kurdish areas. Apparently Erdoğan thinks that bombing the Kurdish areas will teach the Kurds a lesson, which is to not vote for the HDP again.

Many people in Turkey support a military solution for the Kurdish problem, but Erdoğan in particular has much at stake. He thinks that the PKK and HDP prevent him from changing the Turkish constitution, so he is trying to annihilate them.

Now that Davutoğlu is gone, it is possible that the Turkish policy on the Kurds will become harsher. Perhaps Erdoğan will really intervene in Syria in order to curb the Kurds there.

Perhaps Erdoğan imagines the following: a successful military intervention in Syria will make him look like Yavuz Sultan Selim who conquered Syria in the 16th century, and at the same time such intervention should destroy the Kurds. In result Erdoğan will become immensely strong in Turkey and he will be able to change the constitution like he wants.

I hate to see the Turks attacking the Kurds in Syria. That will only add to the problems of Syria. But in spite of that, I do support a Turkish intervention in Syria. A direct  intervention by regular armies in Syria is the fastest way to end the war in that country.

The Kurds cannot achieve much against Assad, Iran, Turkey, and Russia. The best thing for Syria is an intervention by regular armies to counterbalance the Iranian and Russian intervention. If there is a balance in Syria, we will get a real peace deal.

The US and Russia reject any intervention in Syria unless Assad approves of it, because Assad in their view is a legitimate government of Syria. I have never heard before of a legitimate government that destroyed half of its population. Assad has killed, injured, and displaced about half the population of Syria. That is about 10 million people. All those people were destroyed by Assad. How can this creature be a legitimate government for those people?

I doubt that the American position on Assad’s legitimacy has anything to do with international law. The real reason behind that position is probably a deal that Assad made with the Americans in the summer of 2013. At that time Assad agreed to get rid of his chemical weapons, and in return it appears that the US promised Russia that it would not allow a foreign intervention against Assad. (At least as long as Obama remains in the White House. This is perhaps the reason for why the Americans and the Russians are in a hurry to reach a peace deal in Syria before Obama leaves the White House.)

Before that deal the Americans did not care about Assad’s sovereignty. It is not a secret that the CIA has a program for arming the Syrian rebels. That program started perhaps in 2012. That program was really the reason behind the armed insurgency in Syria (if the US did not lead the process of arming the Syrian rebels, no one could have done that. It would have been impossible for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to arm the Syrian rebels without American leadership).

Supporting an armed insurgency in a country is not so different from attacking that country with a regular army; both are acts of aggression and against international law. The Obama administration found no problem in starting and maintaining the armed insurgency in Syria. That administration discovered the sovereignty of Assad only after he agreed to get rid of his chemical weapons, and after he used his missile arsenal against Aleppo (i.e. after he got rid of the weapons that pose a threat Israel).

Any talk about Assad’s sovereignty is worthless nonsense, especially if it comes from the current American administration.



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