The worst terror group in Syria is “Sariyyat Abu-Amarah”

A new operation by “Sariyyat Abu-Amarah” سرية أبو عمارة .

They tried to assassinate a reporter in Aleppo who works for Assad’s official TV.

Sariyyat Abu-Amarah does not get any attention in international media, but in my opinion this is the worst terrorist group currently active in Syria.

All armed groups in Syria attack civilians. This is commonplace. However, Sariyyat Abu-Amarah specializes in killing civilians. This group does not do anything other than targeting civilians.

Right now they claim that their “operations” target only supporters of Assad, but it is certain that the scope of those operations will widen in the future.

Sariyyat Abu-Amarah and its likes are jihadist organizations. They are based on the same jihadi ideology of Al-Qaidah. Those jihadists will often say in public that they kill civilians “in retaliation” to some aggression committed against them, but the reality is that they kill people out of religious zeal and fanaticism. They do not need justification for their “operations.” They are going to carry out those operations whether there was aggression against them or not.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s such terrorist attacks against civilians were common in Syria. They were carried out by an armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood called “The Fighting Vanguard of the Muslim Brotherhood” الطليعة المقاتلة للإخوان المسلمين . The attacks targeted Alawi and Baathist civilians. At that time (and even today) it was claimed that those terrorist attacks were a response to Assad’s undemocratic rule, but such talk is unfounded. Hafez Assad was not the first dictator to rule Syria. There was a long line of dictators before him, the most famous being Adib Shishakli. It is significant that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood idolize Adib Shishakli and consider him a role model. That clearly shows that their concern is not democracy.

The Islamists in Syria hate the Assad family simply because it is from an Alawi background. In the view of the Islamists an Alawi person is not a Muslim, and a non-Muslim cannot be president of a Muslim country. This is what they said publicly in the first years of Hafez Assad’s rule.

They love Adib Shishakli because he was a Sunni bigot who sought to persecute the non-Sunni minorities. Shishakli launched two military campaigns against the Druze in southern Syria (one in 1949 and another in 1954). The persecution of the Druze and other minorities in Syria was initiated by Shukri al-Quwatli in the 1940’s. Quwatli and his supporters thought that the minorities in Syria were over-empowered by France in order to weaken the central authority of Damascus. For some reason that propaganda was believed by the British (or perhaps the British pretended to believe that propaganda because that was convenient for them), and the British helped Quwatli suppress the minorities (as well as the Arab nationalists) and establish the long-awaited empire of Damascus, which quickly proved to be a complete failure.

Sariyyat Abu-Amarah is simply a jihadist terrorist organization that kills people out of religious hatred. It is not different from the American KKK which used to target blacks. This is just criminality. Those are criminals that need to be brought to justice.

What is most disturbing is that the “operations” of Sariyyat Abu-Amarah and its likes are still being celebrated in the media of the Syrian National Council, which is purported to be a “moderate Syrian opposition.” This is perhaps my 3rd or 4th article on Sariyyat Abu-Amarah, but the SNC do not care about what I and other people say. They just want to continue supporting terrorism and extremism.

The SNC is a Sunni Islamist opposition. This body represents a segment of Syrian society (which is, frankly, the worst segment), but it does not represent all Syrians. The Americans know that very well. They downgraded their relations with the SNC long ago.

The SNC has few Christian and secular Sunni figures that often appear an Qatari and Saudi media. Those figures lack credibility since they receive salaries and other financial benefits from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


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