Obama’s current policy in Syria demonstrates US power

I do not like how Obama handled Syria, but I am impressed with his current policy there.

Obama did a great harm to Syria, but right now he is helping that country (probably inadvertently, since he says that he only cares about protecting America from the IS and nothing else).

Turkey and Saudi Arabia put big pressure on Obama to prevent him from supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces (the Kurds and their Arab allies). They wanted him to support the jihadists instead. Russia also has been pressuring Obama to deal with the war criminal Assad. It appears that Obama is ignoring all of those countries. He is not going to really support the jihadists, and he is not going to deal with the war criminal Assad, and he is going to support the SDF to take Raqqah from the IS.

So basically he is ignoring all those important countries and doing what he thinks is the right thing. This policy really demonstrates America’s power to the world. It is also a winning policy since the SDF is really the only force in Syria that has a chance in winning in the long run.

It seems that the SDF are now preparing to take Raqqah from the IS with American help. That will be an important event, because Raqqah is one of the 14 provincial capitals of Syria. If the SDF take that city, it will be the first provincial capital to come under their control.

Raqqah will be the first province to really become liberated. The word “liberated” has been used a million times in Syria without being really true. The liberation of Raqqah will be the first true liberation in the Syrian war.

Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are furious. Their media is attacking the Arab components of the SDF, because it is expected that those Arab components will lead the attack on Raqqah (which is an Arab city). Those countries do not want Raqqah to be really liberated. They want to put it in the hands of the so-called moderate jihadists.

The Saudi-supported opposition is now warning against the division of Syria. They always make such warnings when the SDF is making progress. They do not panic about division when the moderate jihadists or the IS make gains. The division-panic comes only when the SDF is winning.

It is all hypocrisy. If they are really afraid of division, they should not be supporting the jihadists in a country like Syria that has many religions and political ideologies.

It is lucky for Syria that there are Kurds in Aleppo. I hope that the SDF will head to Aleppo after Raqqah.

The SDF cannot beat Assad and Iran militarily, especially because the US does not want to support them against Assad and Iran. But the Syrian crisis cannot be solved militarily. If the SDF manages to control some Syrian provinces, that will put big pressure on Assad and Iran and eventually it will lead to the collapse of Assad, because many of Assad’s supporters will defect to the SDF. That will happen especially if the SDF gets economic support.

Assad’s supporters are much more likely to support the SDF than the so-called moderate opposition. Most of Assad’s supporters are against religious extremism. They have done horrible things, but they can be easily rehabilitated, because their crimes are not ideologically-motivated. They have been killing people not because of ideology, but because of ignorance and uncontrolled emotions.


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