Can the Syrian Kurds help in solving the Syrian crisis?

I have always tried to be optimistic about the future of Syria.

This is why I have been showing support to the Kurds, since they are relatively better than the other factions.

However, there are serious issues with the Kurds that are becoming more and more apparent.

First, the PYD has utterly failed to reach a political understanding with the other Kurdish factions in Syria, which are many, and have significant popular support.

The PYD set up a one-party administration and offered the competing parties to participate in that administration as subordinates to the PYD, very much like the model of the “National Progressive Front” which Hafez Assad set up when he seized power in Damascus in 1970. When the other parties refused to participate in that farce, the PYD began an attempt to eliminate them completely.

This is the typical story of communist and other totalitarian parties which do not understand anything in politics.

Second, the PYD has not been able to gain much support from Arabs.

I was impressed with the SDF when it was initially formed, but soon afterwards it became clear that this body was formed under American request. The Americans wanted it only because they wanted to get the IS out of Raqqah and other Arab areas.

Since its formation the SDF has failed to draw a big number of Arabs. This does not surprise me given how narrow-minded the PYD guys are. They are obsessed with their ideology and cannot leave aside their totalitarian project. They have been trying to force their ideology on everybody who approaches them or falls under their control.

One of the stupid things which they have been doing is to give a new name (in Kurdish) to almost every city and town they capture. Most of those names are made up and have no bases in history (despite claims to the contrary by the PYD). This is very much like what the IS did, but to be frank, nobody ever in the history of the region went as far as the PYD in this game. What they are doing is just idiotic.

Those people are crazy ideologues. They are as ideological as the IS and Assad.

It is impossible for this party to achieve anything big in Syria.

The US is using them against the IS, but I do not think they can achieve anything else.

The capture of Raqqah can be a huge opportunity for them. After capturing Raqqah they can form a government for Syria that could represent a wide spectrum of Syrians. If they accept to be only a participant in such a goverment, that goverment will have a chance to succeed and gain the support of many Syrians. However, I doubt that the PYD will accept to share power with other factions in a goverment. In this regard the PYD are very much similar to Assad. They are hopeless.

The PYD do not want Assad to fall in Damascus. It seems that they believe that they can make a deal with him.

Because Assad is so weak and hopeless, it seems that the PYD prefer to negotiate with him. That will be easier than negotiating with the SNC. (The SNC has refused even to negotiate with them).

As long as Assad remains, wars and sectarian divisions will continue to exacerbate in Syria. Perhaps the PYD see an opportunity in that.

The PYD alone are not responsible for solving the problem of Assad. All Syrians must cooperate to get rid of Assad, but the SNC does not even want to talk to the PYD, so nobody can blame the PYD for the problem of Assad.

The PYD are trying to imitate the model of Barzani in Iraq. Barzani took advantage in Saddam’s weakness and established his dictatorship in northern Iraq. But look at what is happening now in northern Iraq: there is chaos. Barzani is no longer able to rule the entire Kurdish area in Iraq. If the Iraqi government in Baghdad were not in chaos itself, the entire Kurdish project in northern Iraq would have possibly collapsed because of Barzani’s tyranny and corruption. The PYD do not seem to understand that lesson.




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