Climate change is causing deserts to become green?

Recent image of an arid volcanic field that has turned green to the south of Medina in Saudi Arabia (link of news report in Arabic)

Years ago I remember reading a news report about a study that predicted increased rainfall in the Middle East due to climate change.

That was strange news, because it went against what most scientists were saying. They were warning of severe droughts in the subtropical areas because of global warming.

I personally have never been sure about the predictions of climate scientists, because I know that climate is very complex and not well understood. Any predictions about climate change are mere theories in my opinion. (I have a similar opinion with regard to medicine. In my opinion, medicine in our days is a primitive science and we hardly understand the basics of how the human body works. For this reason I am always amazed by how some medical researchers will give very confident advice about health issues that are very complex and only partly understood.)

Now it seems that the minority opinion was correct after all. A study last year confirmed that there was an increase of rainfall in the Sahara region.

The climate of the Sahara is connected to the climate of Arabia. In the past, when the Sahara was green Arabia was also green. I think the same should apply to regions of the same latitude in Iran and the Indian subcontinent.

This is large territory that may go green because of climate change. If that happens, I suppose that the vegetation covering this territory will help stabilize the level of atmospheric CO2. (I am not an expert on this subject, but I am just thinking.)

In any case, I am skeptical of the catastrophic scenarios that we often hear about. Some of those catastrophes may indeed happen, but I do not think that scientists know for sure that they are going to happen. What those scientists do in my opinion is only informed guessing.


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