Assad speaks in Washington, Baghdadi next?

What a farce.

Assad’s spokesperson speaks in Washington on fighting terrorism!

First of all, that person is not truly an adviser of Assad. I do not believe Assad takes any advice from her. That woman used to be an English translator for Hafez Assad. She was turned into a public relations figure because she knows English and because she is a woman. That is her story in short. A brutal savage such as Assad will not take advice from a woman translator.

Bouthaina Shaaban’s role is very much like Al-Adnani‘s.

If Assad can speak in Washington through his spokesperson, why can’t Al-Baghdadi do the same? Perhaps some people in Washington will later invite Al-Adnani to speak on fighting terrorism. That actually would be more relevant. I do not know when Assad ever fought ISIS. Assad’s confrontations with ISIS were all defensive, never offensive. The very few offensive battles which Assad fought against ISIS were more like stage acting orchestrated by the Russians.

Assad never saw fighting terrorism as his priority. Everybody following Syria knows that. Assad’s actions and decisions were (and are still) the main reason for the spread of terrorism.



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