Obama creates a Syrian version of ISIS?

It is amazing what the American administration is currently doing in Syria.

Assad and Russia have laid siege to Aleppo and there is now a humanitarian crisis there. The Americans have responded to this by granting huge and unprecedented concessions to Assad and Russia.

The Americans have agreed to cooperate with Russia in bombing Al-Nusra, which effectively means that the Americans will enter Assad’s war against the Syrian opposition, since Nusra is the leading anti-Assad faction.

While it is true that Nusra belongs to Al-Qaida, this group has not carried out any attacks against targets outside of Syria, and many of its members are pushing the leader of the group to cut ties with Al-Qaida. If he does that, the group will gain even more legitimacy and support inside Syria.

The Americans and Russians will be bombing a rebel group that has large support among Syrian Sunnis, who are the majority of Syria’s population. At the same time, the Americans will be sponsoring a so-called peace agreement that will legitimize Assad’s rule. The agreement will say that Assad will stay for a short period (until Obama leaves office?), but it is certain that that short period will extend forever.

The UN has started supplying Assad with money under the pretext of funding “reconstruction” projects in areas under Assad’s occupation.

All of this will inevitably cause huge frustration among the Syrian opposition. Nusra (and perhaps ISIS) will appear to them as the only hope.

It is certain that Nusra’s popularity will soar after these concessions by Obama. This group will likely turn into the Syrian version of ISIS, which will be much worse than the Iraqi version.

Some people do not seem to understand that ISIS is not a Syrian organization but an Iraqi one. ISIS grew out of mistakes the Americans made in Iraq, not in Syria. The Syrian ISIS is yet to come. It is being created now by the Obama administration.


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